Land into Your Dream Job by Story Telling, Not Fact Telling

You have an upcoming interview, and you want to leave a great impression on the hiring panel. How do you approach it?

The Expectations of Hiring Managers Have Changed

Traditionally, candidates go over their fact books, trying to revise their …

By Ivy Exec
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Why You Should Build a “Career Portfolio” (Not a “Career Path”)

In the evolving landscape of career development, a new approach is emerging: the shift from a traditional “career path” to a more versatile “career portfolio.” Harvard Business Review author April Rinne talks about how, unlike the linear pursuit of a …

By Emily Vahlkamp
Emily Vahlkamp
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7 Questions to Ask Your New Boss

Establishing a strong foundation with your boss is super important when starting a new job. This article answers the questions, how can you cultivate trust right from the beginning? Moreover, how can you effectively obtain the feedback necessary for your …

By Emily Vahlkamp
Emily Vahlkamp
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Adam Grant’s Must-Read Books For The Fall

Professor Adam Grant at Wharton is a famous business professor and has some books that he recommends for students to read this fall. Grant’s recommendations cover time management, motivation and resilience, DEI, power, leadership, and management. If you are a …

By Emily Vahlkamp
Emily Vahlkamp
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Tell Your Story: Personal Branding for MBA Applications

In their pursuit of an MBA, individuals come to understand the significant role that personal branding plays in the application process. A strong personal brand can truly set students apart in the highly competitive world of MBA admissions. This journey …

By Emily Vahlkamp
Emily Vahlkamp
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