Sam M. Walton College of Business  partners with VMock SMART Career Platform to help students create a powerful résumé and accelerate students’ career journey. VMock leverages technologies like data science, machine learning, and natural language processing to provide instant personalized feedback on résumés based on criteria gathered from employers and global best practices – from anywhere, at any time of the day.

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VMock Suite for Career Acceleration:

SMART Résumé

SMART Résumé provides users an initial score benchmarked against their cohort along with detailed, personalized feedback and guidance to help improve their document to exceed industry standards for high quality. The SMART Editor helps users to achieve all-star profile résumé strength. Secure 24×7, real-time guidance from the platform to make your résumé stand out and maximize your job-search outcomes. It allows users to create their résumé online on the VMock Platform or easily convert their existing résumé to their college template requirement in just a click and provides instant score improvement, live feedback, and the ability to download a résumé in PDF or Word format.


VMock Aspire helps create a compelling LinkedIn profile with targeted and personalized recommendations to improve the language, content, and key terms for recruiter search optimization. With Aspire, students strengthen their search engine ranking, improve profile visibility and create a consistent narrative from resume to public profile for recruiters. Additionally, based on intelligent skill gap analysis and analytics, users get personalized feedback on key skills to highlight and how to align their LinkedIn profile with their aspirations.

Elevator Pitch

Elevator Pitch analyzes interviews holistically and instantly reveals hidden crucial information in the body language, enunciation, and content. It also allows users to watch interviews and provide time-aligned feedback, making it much easier to understand feedback and rectify them. It offers instant feedback on non-verbal communication, delivery of speech, diction, and content strength. It provides ease of practicing for interviews.

Career Fit

Career Fit users identify the careers best matched to their combined experiences and preferences across industries. Students then create a plan to optimize their candidacy and achieve their target career. It offers an initial assessment specific to a role, including First Impression, Soft Skills, and Functional Fit. It leverages A.I. to provide detailed insights spanning myriad industries and functions. Data from outcomes, job descriptions, and skill assessments are distilled to recommend the key professional experiences, certifications, and coursework that drive success. Roles are also recommended based on current fit and preference.

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