Search for a Job / Internship

Beginning Your Job / Internship Search

We recommend beginning your job search two full semesters prior to when you want to be hired full time.

For a May graduate, we recommend you begin gathering your application materials and meet with a career coach May-August after your junior year, and begin submitting applications August-October. Many job offers are finalized in the fall semester. Recruiting efforts will pick back up in spring for more opportunities!

Accounting and finance majors will want to start searching sooner, as many full time job offers are secured as return offers from internships.

Remember- you never know when a position will need to be filled in the corporate world, checking platforms often and networking with people at companies will help you identify more opportunities.

We recommend an internship search begins two full semesters prior to when you want to start your internship. Hiring and recruiting efforts will spike significantly about 6 weeks prior to the fall and spring business career fair, with interviews happening in the 6 weeks after the fall and spring business career fair.

If you want a summer internship, spend the May-August of the summer prior compiling and updating your application materials, meeting with a career coach, and researching specific internship programs will greatly help with your workload in the fall!

Fall and spring internships are often offered as return offers on summer internships. Year round internships are also possibilities, but they are shorter in supply and will require more dedicated time to find them.

Research a Company

Industry/ Job Function

  • Job tasks that are meaningful and interesting
  • Skills needed for a particular job
  • Is the industry stable? Is the company financially stable?
  • Is industry more important than job function? Vice versa?


  • Willingness to relocate
  • Region, city, state, etc. of interest
  • Remote /Hybrid/ In-person work


  • Company leadership
  • Values and ethics
  • Work environment

Professional Development

  • Opportunities for advancement
  • Opportunities for growth and learning


  • Hourly rate VS salary
  • Other types of benefits offered (retirement matching, PTO, sick leave, flex scheduling)

Glassdoor is a platform that  gathers information and reviews from current and former employees about companies, salaries, and even job openings!

The Labor Market Insights tool allows you to look up live labor market trends pulled from real-time data to explore top employment opportunities!

BuzzFile is the most advanced company information database with advanced search and productivity tools that enable users to locate the exact businesses they are searching for!

Handshake  is an online recruiting platform for higher education students and alumni. The employers on Handshake are working directly with universities to recruit students!

LinkedIn is the world’s largest professional network on the internet. You can use LinkedIn to find the right job or internship, connect and strengthen professional relationships, and learn the skills you need to succeed in your career!

Indeed provides people with various resources to search for, apply to and compare job opportunities! 

GoinGlobal  helps new and experienced job seekers find opportunities both at home and abroad!

abilityJOBS is the first and largest employment website for job seekers with disabilities to seek employment with confidence they will be evaluated solely on their skills and experience!

Additional Job Searching Sites

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