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Are you a faculty or staff member in the Walton College of Business? You’ve come to the right place to learn more about our offering to your students. Check out our resources, request a class visit, and encourage your students to come visit our office.

If I choose to embed Career Launch into my course, what am I committing to as the instructor of record?

Providing adequate instruction time for Career Launch curriculum. More below.

Grade transfer: More below.

What kind of workload am I committing my students to?

Students should expect to spend 4-6 hours on Career Launch outside of instruction time, for the length of the course.

What are the instructional time requirements for Career Launch?

2 day a week classes: 4 full class periods of Career Launch instruction.

3 day a week classes: 5 full class periods of Career Launch instruction.

Who will deliver the Career Launch curriculum?

Career Launch Certified Facilitators

Facilitators are professional U of A staff who have been certified by Career Launch to teach this curriculum. Additional on campus training is provided to all facilitators by the Offices of Career Connections.

How do students’ access/submit their Career Launch Assignments?

Each course will have its own Career Launch Blackboard course (ex: AMPD 3071 – Career Launch (Spring 24) (1243-career.AMPD-3071)). All Career Launch related assignments will be submitted to this Blackboard course.

Who will grade Career Launch assignments?

Career Launch Certified Facilitators.

How do students get credit for their Career Launch assignments in my gradebook, given they are in a secondary Blackboard course?

This is a two-part process:

(1) You will assign Career Launch the value you wish it to hold in your course grade book.

(2) You will be given access to the gradebook for your students’ Career Launch Blackboard course. You will need to transfer/translate these grade(s) to your own grade book. The standard cumulative point value of all Career Launch assignments is 100 points, but this can be modified for your course should you wish.

What can I do if I do not want to embed Career Launch in my course, but I am still interested in embedding some career education in my course?

Please complete the “Faculty Class Visit Request” form or contact Walton Career Connections via email for questions.


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